Huntington Park Focused General Plan Update Huntington Park Focused General Plan Update Huntington Park Focused General Plan Update Huntington Park Focused General Plan Update Huntington Park Focused General Plan Update



Huntington Park Focused General Plan Update

What is a general plan update?

California state law requires every city and county to prepare a comprehensive, long-term general plan to guide its future, known as the General Plan. The General Plan has been called the “blueprint for future development”, because it contains goals and policies necessary to guide public policy for future land uses.

PlanHP is your chance to help shape the future of Huntington Park!

Why Update the General Plan? In order to remain effective, the General Plan typically needs to be updated every 10 to 20 years to:

  •      Identify the community’s goals and policies as they relate to land use and development.
  •      Provide a basis for local government decision-making, including decisions on development.
  •      Provide citizens with opportunities to participate in the planning and decision-making processes of their communities.
  •      Inform citizens, developers, decision-makers, and other cities and counties of the ground rules that guide development within a particular community.

PlanHP is currently underway and will be completed by Early 2018. Stay tuned on how you can be involved and help shape the future of Huntington Park!

PlanHP will focus on updating 3 main areas of the Huntington Park General Plan:


The land use element designates the type, intensity, and general distribution of uses of land for housing, business, industry, open space, education, public buildings, waste disposal facilities, and other categories of public and private uses.


The circulation element is correlated with the land use element, and identifies the general location and extent of existing and proposed major thoroughfares, transportation routes, terminals, and other local public utilities and facilities.


The housing element is a comprehensive assessment of current and projected housing needs for all economic segments of the community. In addition, it embodies policies for providing adequate housing and includes action programs for that purpose. By statute, the housing element must be updated every five years.

What is Transit Oriented Development (TOD)? : Cities and counties are promoting more livable communities by expanding opportunities for transit-oriented development (TOD) so that residents minimize traffic and pollution impacts from traveling for work, shopping, school, and recreation.

  • TOD is defined as moderate to high-density development located within an easy walk of a major transit stop, generally with a mix of residential, employment, and shopping opportunities. TOD encourages walking and transit use without excluding the automobile. TOD can be new construction or redevelopment.
  • TOD can also provide mobility choices, increase public safety, increase disposable household income by reducing transportation costs, reduce air pollution and energy consumption rates, help conserve resources and open space, assist in economic development, and contribute to the housing supply.
  • TOD is a strategy that may help the Huntington Park community achieve its general plan goals related to circulation, housing, environmental quality, and economic development.

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